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We provide all of the important demographics facts about Mountain Home in this section. Demographics: Population – 12,488 (Mountain Home) Population – 41,513 (Baxter County) Households

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If you’re looking for phone numbers and addresses for local city, county and state public services, this is the place. Mountain Home, AR Mayor –

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Mountain Home Quick Facts

- Founded in 1888
- Population 14,000
- Baxter County Seat
- Houses for Average Price: $158K
- Mountain Home Jr. High Student to Teacher Ratio: 10/1

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12 Important Questions To Ask When Choosing a Realtor to Sell Your Home
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Should I Use a Realtor or Sell My House By Owner?
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How to Choose a Realtor in Mountain Home AR
How to Choose the Best Realtor in Mountain Home
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A Detailed Description of Mountain Home, Arkansas

Mountain Home, Arkansas is a beautiful and friendly community that is located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in north central Arkansas. If you are thinking about purchasing real estate in Mountain Home you should read this guide first.

This tranquil area is home to residents of all ages but is especially popular among retirees.  You can find houses for sale in Mountain Home at incredible prices.

Mountain Home is also one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Midwest.  Many people choose to purchase a 2ndhouse in the area to use as a vacation home.

Mountain Home is a great town will exceed the expectations of even the harshest critics.  Continue reading to learn the basics of why you should consider buying real estate in this great community.

First off, Mountain Home is actually a lot more than just an attractive small town; it is also a helpful community full of great and friendly people.  When you start your real estate search you will find out just how helpful everyone can be.  This is the land of friendly neighbors.

Local residents enjoy a quality of life that is unparalleled by most rural towns.  When out looking at houses for sale in Mountain Home ask your realtor to introduce you to some of the locals.

Both vacationers and locals have the opportunity to enjoy awesome water recreation activities including boating and fishing.  Believe it or not you can still buy land with a water view for well under $100K.  How many places in the world can lay claim to that? Not Many!

The two massive lakes that surround Mountain Home are known to be some of the clearest lakes in the USA.  Your local realtor will be happy to show you homes that are located on the lakes. Remember that when shopping for homes for sale, the realtor works for you.  Don’t hesitate to ask them to go the extra mile.

In addition to the lakes, there are also 3 major rivers nearby.  And yes, your Mountain Home realtor can show you those properties too!

There are a plethora of mountain views that are remarkable.  The Ozark Mountains are known for their beauty. Fall is one of the best seasons because the Ozarks are decorated with intense color of the changing leaves.

Mountain Home is known as one of the preeminent places for vacationers in the US. Many people travel to see the changing colors and motorcycle riding is especially popular in the fall.  You too can live in this beautiful area for a fraction of the cost of an apartment house in the big city.

But Mountain Home is more than just a vacation hot spot.  It’s also a city with a growing population due to the fact that there are many new employment opportunities. These job opportunities have continued to grow in recent times.  Due to the population growth now is a great time to buy a home.  As population grows so do prices.

There are many different industries in Mountain Home, Ar.  Tourism is one of the largest employment sectors but is closely followed by the boat building industry.  There are two major brands of fresh water boats that are manufactured in the Mountain Home area. Ranger Boats and Bass Cat Boats are both major employment providers in the “Twin Lakes” area.  The healthcare industry is also one of the largest driving factors of economic force in Mountain Home.

The close proximity to almost 100,000 acres of lake surface area is one of the main reasons that individuals and companies choose to relocate to the Mountain Home area.  Wouldn’t it be nice to find a house for sale close to the lake?

In addition to the thriving boat building, and the healthcare industries, tourism also provides year round employment.  Many people are employed facilitating the ancillary activities that both Norfork Lake and Bull Shoals Lake provide.  Ask your Mountain Home realtor to show you some of the prominent local businesses.

All it typically takes is just one visit to Mountain Home, Arkansas to fall in love with the area.  It’s certainly easy to understand why so many people choose to live and often times retire in Mountain Home.  If you want to see what it could be like to live here, why not contact a realtor today… It will cost you absolutely nothing to hire a local realtor.   Why not have a real estate expert show you what it’s like to live in Mountain Home.

After enjoying the lakes and the rivers that Mountain Home locals and visitors are able to appreciate year round, it’s hard not to fall in love with this great small town.  Your realtor can show you all of the local favorite “hot spots.”

Many people that visit for a vacation find it hard to leave.  In fact many of the local residents started as vacationers who decided to relocate to live in this little slice of paradise.

People who discover Mountain Home oftentimes end up becoming life-long residents.  Many times it will start with one family member discovering how wonderful Mountain Home is, and the next thing you know all of their relatives are looking at houses for sale in Mountain Home.

Homebuyers often quote the awesome fishing and adrenaline-charged water sports as some of the top reasons to move to Mountain Home.  Others prefer the sense of community and the old fashioned family values.

Surprising to some, Mountain Home, Arkansas may seem old fashioned, but it’s not behind the times. The Norfork Fish Hatchery actually uses some of the latest technology out there to help control costs and increase efficiency.  Because of the high concentration of Boat Manufactures many other lake-related industries, such as the fish hatchery have chosen to make Mountain Home their home.  The more houses for sale that you look at the more you will realize the true depth of industry in this area.

If you’re ready to consider moving to this great community, looking at houses for sale in Mountain Home, AR can be a pleasant surprise.  While some places such as San Francisco are experiencing ridiculous prices in the real estate market, Mountain Home is still affordable.  Buying Mountain Home real estate can be one of the most lucrative decisions you make in your lifetime.  In this great small town almost anyone can afford to buy a home.

Contact Justin, the best realtor in Mountain Home and he will teach you everything you need to know about the most important elements of buying a home.

Let him help you choose the best place for you.  Mountain Home real estate is his specialty.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a large home with lots of land or want to settle into a 55+ retirement community, Justin can help.

Before you start searching for houses in Mountain Home, AR you should know a little bit about this great community.

Mountain Home is located in Baxter County and is the county seat.  The estimated population is a comfortable 14,000 people.  The cost of living is very low – much lower than many other places in America.  The average income in the area is about $35,000 per year.  Houses for sale in Mountain home are really affordable, last year the average sale price was a super low $122,000.  This is a very affordable community to call your home.

Mountain Home is located in north central Arkansas.  It’s located right in between two giant lakes.  What a great place to own real estate!  Norfork Lake is just 10-15 minutes to the east and Bull Shoals Lake is approximately 15-20 minutes to the north and west.  In addition to having close access to two great lakes for fishing and water recreation there are three great rivers close by.  There is the North Fork River, the famous White River, and the Buffalo National River.  All three of these rivers are located less than 20 minutes away.  Mountain Home is located right in the center of the Ozark Mountains.

Because of the easy access to the rivers and lakes the Mountain Home area has become one of America’s best freshwater fishing destinations.  If you prefer a calming creek to relax by, you are in luck. There are several creeks near Mountain Home.  Three of the most popular creeks for fishing are: Hicks Creek, Fall Creek and Dodd Creek. You can see houses for sale near any of these creeks.

Because Mountain Home is the county seat of Baxter County, Arkansas, it has become the economical hub of the southern Ozark Mountains.  That makes is a great place to invest in real estate.

Outdoor Life, a popular nationwide magazine, consistently ranks Mountain Home as one of the best towns for natural recreation activities. But that’s not all, Field & Stream actually ranked Mountain Home as one of the top 3 best small towns for fishing. This notoriety has caused this area to become well known as a resort destination.  People from all over the world visit the Twin Lakes area for its world class fishing opportunities.  Search for houses for sale that are close to recreation opportunities.

There hasn’t been a census since the 2010 Census and at that time there were 12,448 residents in the city. Local authorities now estimate that it is closer to about 14,000 people.

Mountain Home is the epicenter of a micropolitan that contains many of the nearby small towns. The current estimate for the micropolitan area is about 45,000 people.  Mountain Home is also considered the main retail and economic core for all of the surrounding counties white a total estimated population near the 250,000 mark.

Just to the west of Mountain Home, Ar lays the bustling economic area of Bentonville.  That’s the small town made famous by Sam Walton when he located the headquarters of his Wal-Mart empire there.

One factor that many people love about the area is it’s rich history.  Ask your Mountain Home realtor to show you some of the great historic sites located in this amazing city.  You can even find some houses for sale that are designated as historic.

The area around Mountain Home, Arkansas was officially established way back in 1873.  Back then is was just a small area in a large county. Baxter Countya was actually named after the Arkansas Governor at the time, Elisha Baxter.

It wasn’t until almost two decades later that Mountain Home was incorporated.  In 1888 it officially become the county seat of Baxter County.

Even though it wasn’t officially a city until 1888 the area has been populated since the early 1800’s. The area was originally referred to as Rapp’s Barren, named after Henry Rapp, one of the first settlers.  The named was changed in 1857 when the community received their very first post office.

In the 1850’s Professor John S. Howard founded the first school in the area, The Male and Female Academy.  The tradition of excellent education continues on to this day, there is an ASU (Arkansas State University) campus located in Mountain Home.

The official incorporation date for the City of Mountain Home was July 2, 1888.  That day the ordinance was passed and the incorporation was officially signed by the first town Mayor Brooks and by the county recorder at the time, Mr. Luther.

Even though Mountain Home had been the county seat for Baxter County seat in 1873 it was actually not the largest town in the vicinity at the time.

The largest town at the time was actually the City of Cotter.  This was mostly due to the location of the Missouri-Pacific Railroad.  Today the population of Cotter is a mere 950 people. Can you imagine how cheap homes for sale would have been back then?


The change to Mountain Home’s population came back in the early 1940’s when the Army Corp’s of Engineers began work on the Norfork and Bull Shoals Dam.  Mountain Home became a popular place for dam workers to build their homes.  This is because of it’s strategic location between the two lakes.  Interestingly enough this proximity to the lakes is one of the main reasons why people search out houses for sale in Mountain Home today.


If politics is your thing, then Mountain Home could be the right place for you.  As the county seat there are lots of political opportunities. Buying real estate is often the first step for those who like to be involved in their community.


Within the actual city there are many elected positions.  For city council they elect eight total members.  The city is divided into 4 districts or wards as they are called in Arkansas. Each ward elects two members to represent the ward in the city council.  One thing that is unique about the Mountain Home city council is that the entire population votes each council member.  In many cities across the country you must reside in the district (ward) to vote for the representative of that said ward.  No so in Mountain Home, any inhabitant within the Mountain Home city limits can cast votes for all of the eight Council Members.


The wards are divided up in a similar manor that US House of Representatives districts are drawn. They use a system that is based on dividing the area into equal parts by the amount of population. When searching for any type of real estate in Mountain Home this could be a factor. Ask your Mountain Home realtor to show you houses for sale in all of the wards.


This is great system that has been used in our country for centuries.  It is a system that was designed so that each Council Member is representing approximately the same amount of residents.  From time-to-time, as necessary, the wards are redrawn to ensure that all areas are equally represented.  This usually happens when one area of the town experiences a high growth in population or on the flip side a decrease in population.  For this reason many people choose to search houses for sale only in areas away from the ward lines.


Currently the Council Members Are:


Ward 1 – Rick Pierce and Carl Graves


Ward 2 – Jennifer Baker and Wayne Almond


Ward 3 – Nancy Osmon and Don Webb


Ward 4 – Dave Almond and Eva Frame


All elected council members have a two-year term. The main purpose of the city council is to debate and cast votes on city related issues at city council meetings. Council members are required to participate in monthly council meetings. The Mountain Home city council works closely with the city mayor, the treasurer, the city attorney, and various city department heads.  City council meetings occur twice per month, always on the first and third Thursdays. Meetings are held in the city council chambers.  We always encourage folks that are looking at houses for sale to attend a meeting. This will help you get a feel for the government in your new community.


The city of Mountain Home sits inside the Ozark Mountains. It is encircled by the Bull Shoals and Norfork lakes, as well as the North Fork and White Rivers.


One great place that many vacationers love to visit is the Bull Shoals-White River State Park.  This awesome state park is located just below Bull Shoals Dam.  Once at the park you will find over 100 campsites.  Many are located along a beautiful stream that is stocked with trout. There are also playgrounds, hiking trails, picnic areas, and a boat dock.  The park offers many wonderful nature programs, and tours.  It also has many specially scheduled events, during the year.  There is real estate for sale in close proximity to the park.


If freshwater fishing is your thing you will find many local fishing destinations. There are resorts situated alongside the White River just downstream from the Bull Shoals Dam. Your Mountain Home realtor can help you find land for sale in these areas.


Possibly the most famous river in Arkansas, the Buffalo National River, meets the White River several miles south of the Mountain Home city center.  One of the most popular things to do when visiting the Buffalo National River is kayaking. Some people choose to make a week out of it.  This way they can enjoy the awesome hiking and fishing that is so readily available.  Camping is allowed and is one of the most popular activities amongst visitors and locals alike.


Mountain Home is certainly one of the state’s most popular watersport and recreational regions in the state of Arkansas.  This is because there are so many options for fun.  There are fishing, watercraft usage, outdoor recreation, great dining and plenty of shopping opportunities. Mountain Home, AR is also home to many golfers, history buffs and natural beauty seekers.  These factors lure visitors and people who want to relocate to this wonderful area. Ask your realtor to tell you about some of the local clubs and community organizations.


Located in north-central Arkansas, the town of Mountain Home is only 52 miles from Harrison and 129 miles from Fayetteville.  Plan to visit the the Ozarks for some outdoor fun while you are looking at houses for sale.


The largest city in Baxter County is located just a few short minutes from Norfork Lake and other recreational areas in the Ozarks. This area is home to a multitude of, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping opportunities.  Mountain Home’s population is just over 14,000 and is growing rapidly.  These factors make it a major economic hub for a multi-county territory.   Consider this factor when you are looking at houses for sale in Mountain Home.


What do you want when you are choosing a new place to live? If you think that the town you call home shouldn’t also be home to long lines, overpriced food, or large crowds but still want a place that offers plenty of entertainment, then maybe it is time to start searching for houses for sale in Mountain Home.  You will absolutely love living here.  In Mountain Home, you will be living near the fish-filled waters of the North Fork and White Rivers. You’re also close to America’s first national river, the Buffalo River.  But that’s not all.  You will also have quick and easy access to the clear and clean waters of the beautiful Bull Shoals and Norfork Lake.  Ask your realtor to show you lakefront houses for sale.  There are also still pieces of lakefront land for sale if you want to build your dream home.


Ask your Mountain Home realtor to show you the area and all of the places that are sure to delight the outdoor enthusiast. If it’s fishing, scuba diving, water skiing, biking, hiking, boating, or anything wet that you enjoy you will find that it’s all here for you. If you are ready to take a look at some of the great homes for sale in Mountain Home, call Justin, a licensed realtor and schedule a time to visit.  After a tour you’ll see why many people have been choosing to move here for more than a century.  In addition to viewing houses for sale Justin will be happy to help you sight-see, shop, and find lodging to stay at when not busy in town.  You’ll be glad you chose Justin to be your Mountain Home realtor when you are looking for homes for sale in and near Mountain Home, Arkansas.


There are many reasons why people love Mountain Home so much that they decide to move here.  Of course right off the top the fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities including the ever popular watersports are almost always the number one reason why people quote wanting to move here when they are checking out homes for sale in Mountain Home.  Another popular reason for relocating is the pure water and clean air along with the four distinct but mild seasons.  After finding their dream home for sale and moving most folks quote the extremely friendly people.  They love the benefits that come with it such as safe neighborhoods and the small community atmosphere.  Some people who buy homes in the area that are relocating from the big cities on the cost are literally shocked at just how low the cost of living can be in Mountain Home.


One major factor to consider when looking for real estate in Mountain Home and the surrounding area is what amenities you want to live close to.  Believe me there is something for everyone, every lifestyle, and every interest.


If you want to look at houses for sale that are super close to boating, fishing, and swimming your realtor can show you real estate properties that exactly match that description. If you are more of an on land type of person and enjoy a good day out on the links your realtor can show you homes located on one of the many local golf courses.  But what about in-town amenities?  Mountain Home has plenty of those too.  There are lots of great homes for sale in the city that are close to a diverse dining scene that features local and international cuisine.  Ask your Mountain Home realtor to show you houses for sale that are near all of the shopping options, there are many antique, clothing and other types of shops that you can enjoy.  There is even a great little farmers market that features locally grown, fresh produce.


Mountain Home is a great community to raise kids in.  There are many sports fields including: Softball, tennis, soccer, and baseball fields. There are also 3 municipal parks in the city as well as a youth center.  There is even a public swimming pool that is open all summer long.  If you prefer to treat your kids to some indoor recreation, Mountain Home is also home to a bowling alley and two movie theaters. There is even a local live theater, the Twin Lakes Playhouse.  Speaking of cultural activities, Mountain Home is know to host live music on Friday nights at the town square during the summer – this is great fun for kids and adults alike.


If social interaction is your thing, rest assured, that there are many local organizations that you can join.  In fact there are over 100 different clubs in Mountain Home, including the historical and genealogical society as well as groups that go out on nature walks and hikes.


There are many small towns that are located in a very close proximity to Mountian Home, Ar.  If you are looking for houses for sale in Mountain Home and don’t mind a short drive into town it could be worthwhile to take a look at some of these communities.  The most popular small towns are: Norfork Lake (the city not the lake), Midway, Gassville, Briarcliff, Yellville, Bull Shoals (the city not the lake) and last but not least, Flippin Arkansas.  Yes you read that right, there is a small town named Flippin.


These small towns are known for their peace and tranquility.  You won’t hear the loud and disruptive sounds of traffic when you live in one of these great communities.  They are known for their laid back lifestyle. Both blue collar workers and corporate executives find peace in these great communities.  Once you look at some homes for sale in these towns you will be hard pressed to not make an offer.


There are many reasons to choose to live in one of the small towns surrounding Mountain Home.  First off, taxes.  Taxes (including sales and property taxes) are comparatively very low. Most people that own homes in these areas see an annual property bill that is under the $500 mark.  There are some cities in the US where the property taxes will run you $500 per month. You may even be able to receive a state tax credit if you live in your new rural home year round.  Speaking of low taxes, vehicle registration taxes are also very low. Believe it or not it for many cars it costs only $17 to register your vehicle.


One major benefit that many people overlook when they are viewing houses for sale in these smaller towns is the fact that there is virtually no crime.  Violent crime and theft are basically unheard of, these are the types of communities where people leave their front doors unlocked.


When contemplating where to move, it is important to retain the services of a great Mountain Home realtor. They will be able to be your tour guide and show you all of the great nearby communities.  Remember, you don’t have to pay your realtor a dime when you are looking at houses to buy in Mountain Home – the home selling pays the realtor, so there is no reason to not use their expertise.


There are 4 different seasons in the Ozark Mountains.  Spring is lovely with trees and flowers blooming everywhere.  You will find a mostly green and wooded paradise in the areas surrounding Mountain Home.  Summer is usually pretty agreeable and doesn’t have the extremely high level of humidity that many areas in the Midwest and South are known for.  It is rare that the temperature will reach 100 degrees, typically it’s in the 80’s and 90’s.  Fall is stunning with all of the trees changing their colors.  In wintertime you will get a little bit of snow but not much really. The area will typically only get 3 or 4 inches of snow and only a couple of times per year.  Snow will typically melt in less than a week so you don’t have to worry about driving all winter in awful conditions or running your car from road salt. While it will occasionally get cold enough for snow, you will scarcely ever see temperatures in the single digits.  It doesn’t even get cold enough for the lakes to freeze so you can actually fish all year round.  Just one of the many reasons why this area in the Ozarks is knows as a fisherman’s paradise.  Speaking of the weather, due to the unique climate in the Twin Lakes area there are very few mosquitos.  This is because they have a difficult time procreating here because the land is very permeable and water can’t stand still very well.  The rivers and lakes (many also flow underground) are too fast moving to allow mosquitos to lay eggs. In fact many residents don’t even use window screens!

As the name “Twin Lakes” suggests there is water everywhere.  You will love the Twin Lakes area, which boasts over 1500 miles of shoreline between the two lakes. Bull Shoals Lake depth is over 200 feet deept at it’s lowest point and Norfork lake boasts depths of over 100 feet.  The fishing and boating in this area are as close to perfect as you can get.  Norfork Lake in particular is known for it’s clear waters. Many people who swim in Lake Norfork claim that you can actually see several feet down, the water is just that clear.


Due to all of the “fingers in both lakes they are great to anchor a pontoon in a nice calm cove.  Many people like to anchor their boats and then float on tubes and swim in the lake.  Fishermen will find many great spots where the fish are ready to bite. If you prefer to fish in a river, you can do that too.  There are 3 major rivers located just minutes from all of the homes for sale in the Mountain Home area.  Many fly fishermen choose to put on their waterproof boots and wade out into the rivers to try to catch some of the tasty Rainbow Trout that are known to live in these great rivers.


If shopping is your thing the Mountain Home region is home to a large diversity of independently owned and operated stores.  There are many of new stores coming into town on a regular basis.  Some of the local residents like to say,  “If you can’t get it in Mountain Home you don’t need it.  However, if you do want to shop and some of the more popular chain stores there is a big mall just a few hours up the road in Springfield Missouri.


Entertainment wise, you will discover so much to do.  There is golfing, music performances, dancing clubs, many churches, and several other entertainment options in the area.


The Mountain Home, Ar area is a great place to work and live.  Your relatives will absolutely love to come and visit you here.  Oftentimes family and friends of Mountain Home residents end up moving here after they come and visit.  It’s common for vacationers to hire a Mountain Home realtor to show them houses for sale in the area after only spending a few days in this wonderful paradise.


If you want like to check out the area, or just want some general information, don’t hesitate to contact Justin one of the best local realtors in Mountain Home.  He is always happy to help and loves to give tours of the area. You can buy a home in some cases for less than $50 per square foot. That’s about half of the average cost to build a new home which is closer to around $100 a square foot.  If you do want to build your dream home there are still many plots of land that can be purchased in the low 5 digits, sometimes even dipping below the $10,000 mark.  If you are looking at land for sale in Mountain Home, one of the most peaceful places on earth, you will not be disappointed.


There are beautiful bluffs and tree covered hills that surround the isolated splendor and crystal clear waters of the Norfork Lake.  Norfork Lake is the closest lake to Mountain Home, Arkansas.  One of the best things about it is that it is almost a hidden treasure, because you will never find it overcrowded.  It’s a huge lake with plenty of space for everyone to enjoy it’s beauty.  You can reach the lake by driving a short 10-15 minute drive from Mountain Home.  If you’re looking for real estate in north central Arkansas the Norfork Lake area is a great place to start.  Norfork Lake is approximately 42 miles long length and has about 500 miles of pristine shoreline.


Many people only think of the recreation opportunities when they think of Norfork Lake but it is a lot more than simply a great recreation area. The immaculate water is ready for you to explore whether you are there for boating, fishing, sightseeing or just enjoying the view.  You will be able to experience the quiet nature, relaxation, and peace of Norfork Lake once you have chosen which house for sale in Mountain Home that you want to live in.  To describe this lake as awesome just won’t do it justice, the beauty of Norfork Lake in the Ozarks will make your decision to live in this wonderful are will fill your life with experiences that you will never forget.


Once you move here you will certainly enjoy the natural beauty that abounds in the surrounding mountains, valleys, woodlands, and of course along the shoreline of Norfork Lake.  It doesn’t matter your outdoor preference this superb area offers something for everyone.  There are hiking, biking, camping, bird watching, and fishing activities that are easily accessible for all residents of Mountain Home. Norfork Lake is also known for it’s stellar wildlife management, you can see bald eagles, deer, beavers, otters, fox, and turkey when you visit.


Want to know how far Mountain Home is from everything?


Springfield, MO – 79 Miles

Memphis, TN – 154 Miles

Harrison, AR – 48 Miles

Branson, MO – 82 Miles

Little Rock, AR – 152 Miles

Los Angeles, CA – 1662

New York, NY – 1198


There are many things to do once you have moved into your dream house in Mountain Home. There are a couple of local museums such as the Baxter County Heritage Museum and Tiny Town Tours miniature Museum in the nearby town of Merritt. When it comes to outdoor recreation you couldn’t be in a better spot. The White River State Park, Bull Shoal’s Lake, and Norfolk Lake are located really close by and offer opportunities for great recreational facilities. There are three main shopping destinations in Mountain Home; the Ozark Center Shopping Center, the Village Mall, and the College Plaza Center are popular shopping stops. Mountain Home is home to the largest library in the area; The Baxter County Library.  Being located right in the middle of the Bible Belt you can rest assured that there are many churches for people of all faiths. Because it’s the county seat Mountain Home also hosts the yearlyt Baxter County Fair.

The closest commercially served airport is the Springfield Branson Regional Airport.  The next closest airport is the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport which is located in Bentonville.  If you are looking for a national airport you will need to drive all the way to Little Rock, the state capital.  For international flights you will need to drive a bit further.  The nearest international airport to Mountain Home is located in Memphis Tennessee.


Even though it is a small town, Mountain Home has a great education system.  For children in the K-12 system there is the Mountain Home School District which includes Nelson–Wilks–Herron Elementary School, Hackler Intermediate, Pinkston Middle School, Mountain Home Junior High School, and the Mountain Home High School Career Academies.  There is also an alternative option for grades 7-12, the Guy Berry Career and Alternative School.


After graduating high school students have the option of attending the Arkansas State University-Mountain Home.  After students have completed their first two years of college they will need to transfer to one of the other nearby universities such as the Southwest Missouri State University, Harding University, University of Central Arkansas, and Drury University.


Mountain Home, a small town with just over 14,000 citizens, is located south of the Missouri border. It’s a place where leisure finds a home in a great friendly community. The city’s pleasantness and security make it a model community for both retirees and families.


The number one draw is probably the rivers and lakes, but Mountain Home has so much more to offer than meets the eye. Healthcare is top-notch thanks to the Baxter Regional Medical Center and all of its satellite offices.  They provide excellent healthcare services to the Mountain Home area. They are cutting edge and use the most advanced techniques and have many specialty clinics.


Finding things to do in Mountain Home should be easy!  We have two 18-hole golf courses, a great local farmer’s market and wonderful public parks. Once you have completed your search for homes for sale and found the perfect place you will find that there’s always something enjoyable to do. From all of the awesome outdoor activities and all four of our beautiful seasons, you will know that you made the right decision when you chose to make Mountain Home the place you call home.


Want to know more about the beautiful lakes and rivers that are near Mountain Home?


Norfork Lake contains more than 22,000 acres of surface area, and more than 500 miles of pristine shoreline. While Norfork Lake isn’t huge it has more than enough space for whatever you want to do recreation wise. There are several resorts that are well established if you need a weekend away. There are also many well supported parks nearby that are great for picnicking, enjoying nature and of course contain great play equipment for your kids or grandkids. Norfork Lake has a wide variety of freshwater fish including, Walleye, Striped Bass, Catfish, and Crappie. There are many marinas to choose from on Norfork Lake to launch your boat from.  Many of them all offer guided fishing as well as boat and scuba diving gear rentals. You certainly don’t want to miss this exclusive immaculate lake when you’re out looking for houses for sale in Mountain Home.


Bull Shoals Lake is the largest of the two lakes near Mountain Home.  It has over 72,000 acres of surface area and more than 1,000 miles of wonderful shoreline. Bull Shoals Dam is located in northern Arkansas, but the lake actually extends into Missouri as well.  There are actually more than 20 parks that are available for camping and day use activities such as picnicking. Bull Shoals Lake has a lot to offer when it comes to recreation opportunities.  People who visit Bull Shoals can easily enjoy boating, water skiing, sailing, and freshwater fishing.  There are several marinas on Bull Shoals Lake that will be happy to rent all types of boats and watercraft for you to enjoy.  If you are a fisherman you will find many different types of Bass including Largemouth, White Bass, Spotted Bass, and Channel Catfish.


The White River is the river that flows out from Bull Shoals Dam.  It is well known for it’s world class freshwater fishing. It’s world famous trout fishing opportunities draw in vacationers from all over.  Some of the types of Trout that can be caught on the White River are:  Large Brown Trout, Brook Trout, and Cutthroat Trout. There are many rustic cabins and guest lodges situated along the White River.  Many of these world class fishing resorts have fishing guides that you can hire to help you catch the biggest Trout in the river.  Ask your Mountain Home realtor to show you some of the most famous spots on the White River.


The Norfork River starts from the Norfork Lake Dam.  This great river is only about 5 miles long.  It terminates into the White River at its end.  It is home to a healthly trout population, which makes it one of the most popular rivers for fishing in the North Arkansas area.  Because of it’s geographic featuers it stays at a near constant temperature all year long.  It typically stays in the Mid-50’s which makes it an ideal Trout habitat.  One thing that really adds to the attraction of fishing on the Norfork River is the fact that the Norfork Fish Hatchery is continually adding fish to stock the river with Trout.


The Ozarks are a wondrous place.  Many people have never visited this beautiful area of America that covers most of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas but they are missing out.  Believe it or not the Ozarks are technically in 5 different states but 95% of the Ozarks are located in Arkansas and Missouri. Mountain Home is located right smack dab in the middle of this beautiful area.  There are not many places in the world where you will find houses for sale at such cheap prices in such a scenic area.


This strip of gorgeous land, technically is called the Ozark Mountains, but often referred to as just “The Ozarks”.  This area is a thickly wooded zone that encompasses approximately 47,000 square miles – roughly the size of New York State!  The geology is primarily made up of rolling hills, limestone bluffs, year round flowing rivers, and top-notch lakes.  There is a rich history and tradition in the Ozarks dating all the way back to the Louisiana Purchase.  The Mountain Home area was first settled back in 1810.


Located in northern Arkansas, the best part of the Ozarks Mountains, you will find breath-taking picturesque views, rolling rivers, gently slopping land, truly an area where you can find peace and really relax.


The Mountain Home area of the Ozarks features stunning hiking trails, fish-stocked lakes and roaring rivers.  This part of the country is ripe with a wide variety of game.  Many hunters choose to search for houses for sale in Mountain Home because of its close proximity to some of the best hunting lands in the US. If you’re an enthusiastic hunter, fisherman, or simply just cherish the greet outdoors, you will definently find yourself at home in the Mountain Home area.


For those people that are looking for a safe and secure place to live (who isn’t really?), the Mountain Home micropolitian offers many great nearby small towns that are perfect raise a family. Ask your Mountain Home realtor to show you the best neighborhoods for families today!


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Everyone knows what it’s like to want to get away from all of the pressures of the big-city lifestyle.  Noise pollution, traffic, honking horns and screaming sirens cause many people to want to move to a small town and lead simpler lifestyle.  Mountain Home is the perfect place to relocate if this describes you. Come and visit and let a Mountain Home realtor show you just how great it can be to live in a small town.  Many people that move to this area are quoted saying that they wanted to move to a place that had a great sense of community. Mountain Home is the type of place where you get to know your neighbors and can make real meaningful connections with real people.  The nice thing about seeking out a home for sale in this community is that you don’t have to sacrifice all of the modern conveniences that you are used to. Mountain Home has lots to offer; a thriving arts and cultural scene, the natural beauty of the Ozarks, some of the friendliest people around, great shopping opportunities, and excellent restaurants.


You should talk to a realtor today so that you can start to plan your move to an area that is known for its scenic lakes and rivers span nestled in the Ozark Mountains. Move to a place where fishing, kayaking, and boating recreation is just outside your new front door.


You too can enjoy the lovely backdrops with breath-taking sights that are available at many of the houses for sale in Mountain Home.  One nice thing about choosing to live in the Ozarks is that you wont have to do any expensive landscaping to make your new home look perfect.  Finding the perfect home for sale in the Ozarks will bring all of this right to your doorstep.


There are still many large plots of land for sale in the Ozarks that you can hunt and camp on that are still nice and close to the city of Mountain Home where you will find all of the modern conveniences that you could ever desire.  Just looking at houses for sale in the Mountain Home region will make you fall in love with nature all over again.


The houses for sale in the Ozarks are very affordable; you will really get a great “bang for your buck” because your money goes much further in the Mountain Home area.  There is a significantly lower cost of living in Mountain Home than almost anywhere else in the country.  Many people sell their small home or condo in the city and have enough money left over to upgrade to a large home with land when they move to the Ozarks.


You don’t need to worry about the quality of the education that your children will receive in Mountain Home.  It is one of the best school districts in the state and the class sizes tend to be smaller with more of a focus on helping individual children reach their full potential. In the Mountain Home school district your child will be more than just a number.  If you like the sound of that why not choose a realtor who will also treat you as a person and a valuable new member of this great community.


While it may seem to be nestled a million miles away from the stresses of big city living you have access to the metro areas of Memphis Tennessee, Springfield and St. Louis Missouri, and of course the Arkansas state capital Little Rock within just a few hours drive.  Its time to schedule a vacation so that you can come and enjoy everything that this area has to offer while getting a tax write off for meeting with a realtor and looking at some of the great real estate for sale in the Mountain Home area.


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Mountain Home, AR is the perfect place for outdoor lovers to find their dream home.  Settle down in the rustic community of Mountain Home where you will find all of the watersport recreation your heart could desire, big city amenities, two great lakes and three pristine rivers.  The area abounds with walking and bike riding trails available for those who prefer the land over the water.  Sign up today to see all of the houses for sale, land for sale, and other great real estate for sale opportunities in Mountain Home.